The daily program

During the morning circle and project activities we support the improvement of the following skills:

  • language arts
    (listening and understanding, speaking and communicating),
  • literacy
    (phonemic and phonological awareness, book knowledge and print awareness, early writing, alphabet knowledge, fine motor skills),
  • mathematics skills
    (geometric and spatial sense, patterns, measurements, numbers and operations).

Science and creative arts
are introduced through the long-term projects.

Music activities
Twice a week.
Carried out by an experienced music teacher.

Physical education
Once a week.
Children can put their physical abilities to the test under the supervision of a professional PE teacher.

Active moving
Field trips, walks in the neighbourhood and different activities on the playground is an essential part of our day.

Approach to learning

Reggio inspired

Our approach to learning is inspired by the Reggio Emilia educational philosophy founded by Loris Malaguzzi. Read more.

Project approach

The children learn through collaboration and communication with other children and adults. The long-term projects are based on a curriculum, which covers the subjects from the child’s closest surroundings.
Read more.

Environment is the third teacher

Environment is considered to be the “third teacher” through the use of space, natural light, colour, shadow, different materials and the display of children’s work.

Making learning visible

Transcribing remarks and discussions of children, taking photos or recording videos of their activities, presenting art and craft made by children will help to understand and guide the learning process better.