Our teachers

Anette Avvald

Head teacher

No two days are the same in kindergarten. Each day brings new ways and opportunities to learn and discover the world. Children are sincere and filled with joy. That’s why I love my job.

Leila Janno


The best thing about working with children is that you can never lose your inner child. That inner child keeps you young, curious and motivated. 

Eglantina Toci


Children have their own little world full of vibrant colors, wishes, endless dreams and I love it. Feeling connected to them gives meaning and purpose to our lives. I want to give them the best of me!

Maarja Laanesaar


I love working with children,

because they can enjoy every small thing. Their sincerity, goodness and limitless energy makes me happy every day.



Maia Kapsi

Music teacher

Mari Kabel

Speech therapist (Currently on maternity leave)

Kaiti Vasiljeva

PE teacher

Kadri Karlis

Head teacher


Katrin Helendi