Terake international daycare group welcomes children of ages 3 to 6 from different nationalities, providing playful activities and educational support in English and Estonian.

The activities are carried out in small groups to support the use of age-appropriate methods for children of different ages.

There are currently 180 children attending nine different groups in Terake: five Estonian-speaking groups and one international group in Tähe Terake (Tähe 4) and three Estonian-speaking groups in Lõuna Terake (Optika 15).

Tuition fees

Children registered in Tartu city

Tuition fee for academic year 2023/2024:
01.09.2023 – 31.08.2024

EUR 162 (monthly fixed tuition fee)
Payable upon invoices from September to September.

Catering fee 5.18 € per day 

Children not registered in Tartu city

Tuition fee for academic year 2022/2023:
01.09.2022 – 31.08.2023

EUR 6618 (annual fixed tuition fee)
Payable upon invoices in ten equal parts from September to June.

Catering fee 5.18 € per day

Tuition fee includes:

all the activities in daily program,
project activities,
weekly music and sports activities,
the cost of educational materials and supplies.

Catering fee will be paid additionally to tuition fee and is collected monthly upon the actual use of catering service. Catering fee 5.18 € per day.

What parents say about us


Tartu Terake international kindergarten group has been more than a great choice for us as a family from different nationality backgrounds. We find that groups’ educational philosophy based on Reggio Emilia principles, two language system specificity and multiculturality suits also our personal views.

We appreciate and greatly value personal approach to all our parental worries and concerns regarding child’s needs and development, same as addressing problems that might come up font and dealing together towards solving them. Great and open communication from the start with teachers gives us trust in positive outcomes with any subject that we might come across. Kindergarten offers possibility for child to participate in lots of creative activities (as in group activities and extra classes), making it a great place for a kid to be. We as a parents are happy to have a place like this where our children want go to.

Matko Vučica & Anu Lauringson

For us, TERAKE international nursery class has proven to be a great success.

First, it made our return from Scotland a breeze and allowed kids to further develop their English and make new friends. Second, putting together kids of different age is a brilliant idea – they act and behave as one big happy family. Third, their program based on international curriculum and adapted to suit local conditions.

And finally, all of this would not have happened if it wasn’t for the teachers and staff of TERAKE, they have really put much effort into making foreign kids feel at home. So would I recommend the group of Viljaterakesed? Yes, most definitely!

Lauri Peil

Our son Kristaps was very satisfied with your Day Care centre from the very first day. He goes to the kindergarden with a real pleasure, and gladly tells us what he’s been doing there during the day.

We also appreciate the encouragement to develop those interests that the child is most interested in, and at the same time showing also other possibilities. A great plus is also playing together of children of different age. It helps to the development in both ways – to the ones, who are younger to learn from older peers and the ones who are older to learn taking care of younger peers.

We are sure that Kristaps enjoys various kinds of activities and additional themes of each week. Undoubtedly, learning languages is a big plus. Kristaps has been attending the Day Care centre for 6 months, but already understands English and also speaks English. Additionally, he speaks also some words is Russian and Estonian (Kristaps’s mother tongue is Latvian). It will help him later when learning other languages.

We must stress that teachers are very friendly and genuinely interested in each child. It’s possible to see that they really do care, and children love them.  All in all, we are very satisfied with our choice of the Day Care Centre. Thank you for taking care of our son in such a lovely way!

Liene Rozenberga